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Michael John Angel



Born in England in 1946, Michael John Angel emigrated to Canada in 1961, and moved to Italy at the beginning of 1989. In the late 1960s, he studied in Florence with the renowned Pietro Annigoni, who introduced him to the techniques of the old masters. Mr. Angel is now regarded as one of the foremost figurative painters, and his paintings and portraits hang in both public and private collections on both sides of the Atlantic. While he has few peers in portrait painting, where his commissions read like a Who’s Who of corporate North America, Mr. Angel’s real passion is painting myths and allegories. Since the 1980s, he has been concentrating on these, painting murals and altarpieces in a number of churches and villas in Italy and for private collections in the USA.


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Mr. Angel has taught workshops at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, in addition to lecturing at the Florentine campuses of several American universities and various private schools. From 1982 to 1988 he was the Director of the National Portrait Academy in Toronto, Canada, and from 1992 - 1995 the Assistant Director of the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. 1997 saw the establishment of his first school in Florence - the Angel Academy of Art - dedicated not only to passing on his love for classical and traditional art, but also to instilling the disciplines that lead to successful mastery of the techniques necessary for representational painting.


Mr. Angel has been interviewed on television and radio many times. He plays a prominent role in a 90-minute documentary by Artatak Films of Toronto and Rainbow Films of Florence entitled Annigoni: Portrait of an Artist. Another documentary, The Road to Castagno, profiles the work of Mr. Angel. It has been shown on national television and has also been viewed at several film festivals, including the Cannes Documentary and Montreal’s 12th Festival International du Film sur l’Art.


Known to his students as maestro, Mr. Angel is considered one of the most inspiring and successful teachers in classical and traditional art today.


Michael John Angel, as well as teaching at the AAA, gives regular lectures during term times and, in the summer months, conducts specialized Summer Workshops.



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