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Summer Workshops 2015  |  Testimonials



Come and enjoy the pleasure of studying in Florence during our Summer Workshop season in our new state-of-the-art school. Our temperature-controlled (air-conditioned) clean-air environment provides optimum comfort during the warm summer months.


For the 2015 summer season, we will be offering the following workshops. Please click on the workshop listing for more information and to register.





Methods of Contemporary
Portrait Painters

with Martinho Correia


15 - 26 June 2015





Landscape Painting in and Around Florence

with Nicole Lalande


15 - 26 June 2015





The Painting Methods of
Rubens, VelÅzquez and van Dyck

with Giulia Bucciarelli


15 - 26 June 2015




Learning to Paint in Oils by Copying Bouguereau and Leighton:
a Grisaille Underpainting and Glazed Overpainting

with mÆstro Michael John Angel


29 June - 10 July 2015





Methods of the Masters:

with Martinho Correia


29 June - 10 July 2015






Painting from the Live Model

with Jered Woznicki
Assistant Director and Instructor


13 - 24 July 2015






The Structure of the Human Body:
Drawing Workshop

with Colleen Barry


13 - 24 July 2015






Composition and the Art of Still Life

with Martinho Correia


13 - 24 July 2015




Early reservations are recommended, as student numbers are purposely limited to allow for a high degree of individual attention. Register today and join us!




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Mr. Angel has a clear, structured way of teaching which gives one the confidence to advance. He is very generous with his wealth of knowledge and experience. The students that the Academy attracts are varied and interesting, making the overall experience a very positive one.

The workshop was wonderful. Michael John Angel’s clear cut and enthusiastic teaching is certainly an inspiration and I thank him most sincerely for sharing his knowledge.

Lesley Christiansen, England


Thank you so much for a really tremendous workshop. John Angel’s knowledge, understanding and generosity are a privilege to experience. I feel that I have been immensely fortunate in finding the Angel Academy and being able to put myself in the beam of your attention. I did mention Mr. Angel’s generosity as a teacher, didn’t I? I would hate to leave out the unstinting attention and focused gaze he gave to each of us every time he came to give assistance or to see how we were understanding his rich and wonderfully informative instruction.
Marilyn Bailey, England


Thanks again for the terrific workshop. I really enjoyed it and feel I learned a lot. I appreciated the introductory slide show, the structure of the class with the sequential “skill building” exercises and Mr. Angel’s helpful comments. I also appreciated his warmth and sense of humor. I think John creates a fun, supportive environment for his classes to learn in. It is obviously a very intense experience for the class members, but he makes it entertaining and fun as well.

Daralyn Peifer


In the few weeks that I had at the Academy with Mr. Angel, I gained what I consider to be a lifetime of experience. I can use the methods I learned in class, and apply them at home, continuing my studies as a painter. In fact, I was so impressed by the workshop that I have decided to join the full program!
Justine Highsmith


I spoke to {James} on Sunday and he is so enthusiastic about your course, saying he had learnt more about techniques in 1 week than he had learnt at University in 2+ years.
Sheila Page


It was such a wonderful experience for me and I sincerely want to thank you. I loved your style, your approachability, your talent, your eye and your smile – everything really!!
Lisa Schuster


Had a good time. You can take it from me that your workshop was a grand success. We took a vote.
Hank Hieftje

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